Educational workshops in corrilation to the aniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto in Kraków

In the year 2014, we decided to extend our work on the our project to in relation to the anniversary of the liquidation of the Ghetto in Krakow.

March 13-14 in 1943, the Nazi’s decided to liquidate the ghetto in Podgórze. Those dwelling in section “A” of the ghetto were set to Płaszów a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, another selection of Jews was set to the extermination camp. Out of the 68,000 Polish Jewish that once lived in the communities of Krakow, only 7,000 survived the war.

When studying the Holocaust in school, it is common to focus on the whole, rather than local history. As an institution we strive to educate the young people of Krakow with the history that happened with in the walls of their own city. This was the motivation for the creation of this project in partnership with the JCC of Krakow.

We do not simple want student to know about the history of the Jews of Krakow but we want them to be conscious about the space they are living in. This is why we offer the lecture “Jews in occupied Krakow 1939-1945.” The lecture is designed to bring participates closer to the history of the Jewish community of Krakow, while showing how that stories is interwoven with the city as a whole. After the lecture there is an educational walk around the former ghetto with a licensed guide.

The workshop is implemented once a year in the period preceding the anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto in Krakow.This workshop is designed for students of lower secondary and upper secondary schools.
Workshops are subject to prior registration and the number of seats is limited.

If you are interested in having your school be apart of this workshop, please contact us: or

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