MIFGASH Foundation

The start of the Mifgash Foundation dates back to the year 2009, when a group of young passionate students from Krakow began meeting with Israeli youth in Poland. The Hebrew word ‘mifgash’ translates into the word ‘meeting’.

Due to the passion of its founding members the Mifgash Foundation expanded their sphere of activities and involvement. This included leading workshops about Judaism, history and diversity for the young adults in Krakow. Producing programs such as “Between “Krakow and Jerusalem”, which has been enjoyed in schools throughout the Krakow region for several years. Believing that the best way to combat stereotypes and discrimination is by direct confrontation, Mifgash created a program know as “Alef-Bet of Jewish culture”, which is across Poland to help educate Polish citizens of all ages.
In addition, we actively participate in organizing the celebration of the liquidation of the ghetto in Krakow, leading not only lectures and meetings, but also educational tours around the former ghetto in Podgorze.

The Mifgash Foundation is composed of a group of educators ranging from: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. All linked together through the passion to educate and inform.

We invite you to join us and take advantage of all we are offering.

Mifgash Foundation
ul. Juliusza Lea 213
30–133 Kraków
NIP: 677-23-83-381
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Account number:
4112 4045 7511 1100 1060 1345 37
Name of bank:
Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A.
Director Of Programming
Olga Adamowska e-mail: 
Coordinator of the project “Between Kraków and Jerusalem” and anti-discrimination workshops
Małgorzata Kucharska
tel. +48 509 845 105
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